Sara is a great PT! She has transformed my approach to health and fitness over a period of 6 months and has helped me to the realise the importance of wellbeing and daily movement alongside my fitness goals. I train with Sara regularly, at least once a week, and she is able to provide me with exercise, nutrition and wellbeing advice outside of my sessions. Sara’s expert knowledge and enthusiasm alongside her own personal experiences has allowed me to engage in a fitness programme that is tailored to my needs but also considers and fits with my busy working life as a teacher. Sara is always punctual and welcoming. She is cheerful, accommodating and a joy to work with. I cannot recommend her strongly enough!

Sophie O’Connor

I have been training with Sara three times a week and absolutely love the sessions, mostly because they are so varied. I battle with boredom in the gym as I find it repetitive but doing a variety of different workouts with Sara, from boxing to HITT, means those early morning sessions aren’t so tedious!

Lucy Arthur

I have been training with Sara for a little while now. She is motivational, professional and friendly and makes every session enjoyable and productive. It’s nice to be out of the gym environment, but still feel I’ve done a good workout. I highly recommend Sara to anyone!

Charlotte Hardy

I first started training with Sara because I suffered from knee pain every time I exercised. I have now been training with her for several months, and I feel much stronger and very rarely have knee pain. However, my knee is still Sara’s primary concern when we are doing any exercise. My increased core strength and improved fitness have been noticed by my hockey coaches. I enjoy every session I do with Sara, and her motivation and positive mind set makes me feel like I can achieve my goals. Sara is always encouraging and makes training fun. I used to put off going to the gym and training, but now I always look forward to our sessions

Alice Carr

I have been training with Sara for about 2 months now. I had done some training on my own to lose weight before my wedding but then wanted to gain muscle and tone. Sara set up a programme that will enable me to reach my goals and she varies it regularly to keep me motivated.
I am really enjoying my training sessions with Sara and am seeing results already! I can’t recommend Sara enough.

Damien Thomas

I met Sara through my work and soon developed a friendship. I had never thought about using a PT, but when I got talking about the problems I was having she suggested that i give her a go! It was the best thing I could of done! SHe gave me a thorough assesment and from that she developed a programme for me. I have been training once a week for nearly 6 months and it’s amazing how much better I feel! Sara is so dedicated into what she does that her energy and enthusiasm soon rubs off on you! She is always punctual and extremely patient and always varies my exercises so you never get bored! I really do enjoy my workouts with Sara, she is an inspiration and I fully recommend her for all your health and wellbeing needs.

Trudy Clarke